Living Room Reveal

It’s been a long time coming but WOW am I happy my living room is finally complete! I am so excited to share my living room as the first decor post of many! For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with drawing out floor plans for new rooms and envisioning what pieces would go where, so when I moved into my own real-world apartment this summer, I could not wait to start working on it! Not sure if this is just me but anyone who knows the feeling can certainly appreciate the satisfaction in the end result.

Getting started on the planning process is always the hardest part. There are so many different styles that I love, but in the end I always seem to lean towards more nautical elements. Growing up minutes from the beach all my life might have something to do with that! It is so important to create a space that feels familiar and a reflection of your personality. For me this was a necessity, as I was moving to a new city far away from home to start my first job. I started my planning process with this in mind, creating a space that feels like home. All I want to do when I walk in the door now is plop myself on my couch! It’s seriously the most comfortable thing ever.


The couch is always the statement piece and what stands out to me the most when I walk into a living room. It helps set the vibe for the entire space around it. I’ve been obsessed with the velvet couch look, so when I came across this westelm couch, I was absolutely sold!! I definitely splurged on it a bit but justified the purchase with the fact that the chaise is reversible, meaning it will adjust to any future room layout. The bold navy helps gives a pop of color to the rest of the neutral living space. The armchair was actually the last addition and fits perfectly with its two-toned fabric color. I love the way it looks with this serena & lily throw pillow.


I chose more natural elements as accents throughout the rest of the room, which makes it feel so homey and inviting! I also mixed in a few modern touches, helping elevate the style. The leather pillows on the velvet couch paired with this accent pillow help tie in the coffee table and lamp. The two side table lamps are from World Market and are linked below, along with everything else!


It still seems crazy that the college days are officially long gone and that I’m finally living and working in the real world. It’s a tough transition for sure but creating an inviting space to come home to after long work days and having the city outside my window makes life just a little bit happier.

Furniture: couch // coffee table // tv stand // arm chair // desk // pillow // lamp // lamp // tray // book // throw blanket

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