Gallery Wall Reveal

My favorite part about my living room? By far the gallery wall! I had such a fun time putting this together and finding different prints to fill up the bare, white wall. I wanted it to be a mix of beautiful prints I found online, as well as a space to display my own photos and all the memories that come with them! When planning a gallery wall, I think the most important thing to focus on is varying the frame sizes and orientation, while also sticking to a specific color scheme. For me, being that I had already ordered my navy couch (that I love so much!!), blue and white it was.

Beyond mixing up the frame sizes and maintaining your chosen color scheme, it’s also important to make your gallery wall a reflection of who you are and what you genuinely like to see– after all, you’ll be looking at it every time you come home! So, mix in some pieces that remind you of somewhere or someone you love because that alone will help transform your living room into a more homey and inviting space.


The top left portion of my gallery wall consists of photos I took of my favorite spots in my hometown and the bottom center is where my favorite story resides, which my boyfriend retyped and framed for me. The most thoughtful present ever. I found the other bottom two prints online and they were a nice addition to the coastal vibe I had started out with.

I used snapfish to print the pictures that I took on my phone and it could not have been any more convenient. I just uploaded them to the site, chose the size I wanted, and they were at my door within the next day or so!




I love the idea of investing in quality art and framing photos that have personal meaning. My goal for this gallery wall is to add new pieces in the future and build out a larger collection. I look forward to owning a wall that’s filled with all my current and future art pieces- it will be interesting to see how my style (may or may not have) evolved over time!

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