12 Podcasts & Books That Will Inspire You to Be a Better Version of You

I have always loved personal development books, but more recently I’ve really started to explore the space more …and I have been blown away. There are some seriously amazing people and stories out there that have inspired me and have shifted my perception on so many different facets of life. It’s crazy to me that we now have the ability to access a motivational coach or mentor from a click of a finger…for free. This fast-paced, technology-driven culture can feel overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost in the flow of it, so setting some time aside to shift your focus internally and work on your personal growth can make all the difference. Getting deep tonight but, seriously, if you haven’t heard of any of my recommendations, you should definitely consider listening to or reading one!

Below are my favorite podcasts and books that, I believe, share the secret to living a more fulfilled life and help fuel your motivation. If you have any other recommendations, please send my way!



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