Twelve Prints for Your Gallery Wall

I’d find a place for each and every one of these prints in my apartment if I had enough wall space. Gallery walls are such a fun and creative way to bring a certain mood and energy to a room. It also helps tie in the colors when the furniture or accent pieces around it reflect a similar color scheme. I also love the idea of adding a pop of color to help liven up a living space.

If I could add more to my current gallery wall, these are some of the prints I would introduce. I’ve always loved the more historic, yet timeless photographs, which are the case for many of the below prints. The blue hues also help give a room a more relaxed feel, which I am always drawn to for my living spaces.

All of these prints were found on various websites from different artists and brands, so the prices range a bit. I linked each piece below and they’re all perfect options if you’re not looking to invest too much, but still wanting high quality pieces!


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve


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