Decorating My Friend’s Apartment


print  // couch // throw blanket // throw blanket // floor lamp // side table // c-table // lamp // coffee table book // bowl // candle // pillow // pillow // coffee table // tv stand // rug // swivel chair // pillow // bar cart // floor mirror

Very excited to share my first decorating project! My college friend just moved into a new apartment and asked for some help in the design and decorating process. I absolutely LOVED creating my own living space (see post here) and I could not wait to start the process again. The first big move to a new city with a new job and unfamiliar surroundings can feel intimidating so it’s important to make your home feel familiar and include the items and colors that emanate your personal style. I hope she enjoys her new apartment and the feeling of coming home to a place that’s just for you as much as I do!


She had already purchased the gray couch, tv stand and swivel chair which helped set a good base for me to understand the overall feel she wanted to give the room. When walking into a new space, me eyes are always immediately drawn to the rug, couch and coffee table. These three items were the most important to me when picking out pieces for my own room. Her gray couch is complimented by a blue swivel chair so I chose a rug that would help pick up the colors from both of the items, while not overwhelming the gold framed coffee table, bar cart and lamp. As for the coffee table, I intentionally chose a more clean lined and crisp white look so she could decorate it with accessories that would help tie in the wood from the tv stand and the blues from the rug and swivel chair. I love how affordable yet expensive looking this piece is!

Adding In The Layers…

After you chose your key base elements, you can start adding in some unique pieces that help give your room character and that personal touch. My favorite part is always picking out the lamps and art work to hang above the couch. I wrote a post on some of my favorite prints here! Slim Aaron’s is one of my favorite photographers and he has a wide selection of prints in varying sizes, so for her room I chose a giant canvas to serve as the statement piece. Her personality is feminine and bold, so it felt like the perfect fit. The gold floor lamp also added in a fun and modern look to match the mid-century modern swivel chair and tv stand.

Homey Essentials…

And the best for last! All the cozy elements that cannot be forgotten. Items like throw blankets, coffee table books and candles are essential in creating an inviting space. I’m putting together some of my favorite home essentials (post coming soon!), but you can find more of my favorite coffee table books here for now. I can’t wait to visit her and see the finished product in her apartment!



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