Elements to Cozy Up Your Home

The process of instilling a homey feeling within your home is an ongoing, ever evolving project; along with personal tastes and interests that tend to expand over the years. I’m passionate about creating a space that feels comforting and familiar so I can feel a sense of home within my home. I’ve been in my apartment for almost a year and I’m still working on filling some empty spaces and introducing new items to give it a fresh look, while still reflecting my personal style. I put together some core elements that I have found to be important when creating an inviting and homey space for you to unwind in after a long day.


I absolutely love introducing baskets to fill a corner of a room or to place near a couch for extra throw blanket storage. My apartment has a laid-back coastal meets midcentury modern style and it blends very nicely with the neutral pallet. Wicker baskets add an element of texture that work well with almost every design style—especially the coastal look that I love so much.


one // two // three


Lighting a candle in the early morning or at night while cooking dinner is the ultimate homey feeling. I love choosing scents that fit the season. Right now, I am loving the crisp and refreshing scents for summer – I included two of my favorites below! I also love this candle cover from Jeni Kayne. It’d look great on a coffee table or on a tray in the bedroom.


one // two // three


Art has always been my favorite element in a room. It speaks to who you are and embodies so much more than just a photograph or print. For my living room I printed out a few photos that I took of my favorite places and framed them for my wall. You can also pull pages out of coffee table books (if you don’t mind missing pages in your books) and frame those! Some of my favorite photographs are currently in the books that I own. The first photo below is from one of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie Horan, who started the Nantucket Print Shop with her brother. They have the most beautiful photos! This one in particular reminds me of the dunes in front of my beach house. AThingCreated has the most beautiful watercolor art and stationery. I actually own this exact print featured below and framed it for display on my living room shelf. The third photo is by Slim Aarons (my favorite!) and embodies summer in a nostalgic way—something I am very fond of.


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Throw Blankets

It’s impossible for me to feel fully comfortable on a couch without a throw blanket. Purchasing this simple item can sometimes be put off till later with other accent pieces when decorating a space, but to me it’s one of the most essential pieces. Not only do they look nice, they also make your living room or bedroom instantly homier, providing a familiar touch. My favorite brand is Landsdownunder. It’s on the pricier side, but their color block  styles are so unique and the fabric is incredibly soft. It’s a piece I’ll have for a while.


one // two // three 

Ceramics & Vases

To be honest, these were some of the last items I purchased when decorating my room. Yet, when I started investing in vases for my flowers and ceramic décor for the bare space on my dresser, it really made all the difference. I’d love to start collecting more handmade and vintage pieces to include in my collection. They add so much character to a room and certainly make it feel more like home.


one // two // three 

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