June Favorites

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June has been my favorite month since I was a little girl. The outdoors are finally filled with greenery and the anticipation of summer days spent on the beach, followed by backyard barbecues are within reach. There was nothing better than that first hot day that shook off the bipolar spring for good. Growing up in New Jersey, June meant the last month of school and the time to invest in some new pieces for summer. The ocean didn’t warm up until July, but that never preventing my friends and I from riding our bikes to the beach after school and picking out new bikinis, which we’d be living in for the next 3 months. This month is associated with fresh new life and the simple appreciation for it, so I put together a collage of some pieces that feel like just that.

This summer I’m most excited about wearing lots of linen, paired with wicker totes and some new sandals. I have a lot of trips to the beach and lake planned so I’m excited to invest in some new bathing suits. I’m obsessed with this one from Solid & Striped. I love that one-pieces are back in style! One item that I’ve been saving up for is this white jean jacket from AG. It goes with just about everything I own so I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it. The brown buttons compliment the white denim so beautifully. I can’t believe that summer is finally here! I’m ready for lots of beach weekends and spending Saturday afternoons basking in the sunlight!

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