Welcome Summer

Summer is finally here and I’m ready for it to stay forever! This time of year is always filled with such excitement and a little sense of freedom that sinks in from childhood memories. You feel energized and brought back to the simplicity of things, at least I know I do. The first sight of lightening bugs, feeling the first sunburn on your cheeks and climbing into bed at night with sandy feet make the long winter feel like a distant past time. I know I sound cheesy, but I love taking the time to appreciate these small things that are so apparent during summer, yet seem to go unnoticed throughout the rest of the year.

I’m excited for my many trips to the beach and for my summer vacation to Nantucket in August! …Already way ahead of the game with my travel guide complete and ready to go. I’ll definitely be sharing that after I return! Other than that, I have a few trips back home and to the lake with my boyfriend, Alec. So much to look forward to! With this post and my summer collage, I also wanted to include some items that I recently came across and am loving for summer! Hope you enjoy & have a great weekend!!


heels // visor sunhat // bathing suit top // bathing suit bottom // bag // sunscreen // dress // book // towel 


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