November Interiors

With the anticipation for the Holiday season and the Christmas advertisements flooding the media, I want to take a second and appreciate everything November has to offer. For me in Atlanta, it marks the first cold night (in the 20s already!) and the first site of beautiful fall foliage. It’s one of my favorite times of the year—especially in terms of decorating my living space and introducing pumpkin & spice scents, fall décor, and that extra (much needed) throw blanket.

As an attempt to share more furniture pieces and build out the interior design element of my website, I compiled a few of my favorite pieces that give life to the November aesthetic and speak to its cozy, homey vibe. I’m planning on sharing more posts and collages like this for each new season, where I can share a roundup of my favorite pieces and showcase new brands I come across! Enjoy.

September Decor

Chest // Print // Mirror // Couch // Candles // Chair // Blanket // Book Set


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